1 long bonnet


Silk bonnets are a must-have staple for anyone looking to protect their curls or natural hairstyle. Silk bonnets are like silk pillowcases, they prevent hair damage and reduce friction as you toss and turn while sleeping.Silk has a luxurious feel and has in-built temperature regulation properties.


       1.Minimises frizz

Tossing and turning while we sleep results in friction and stress on our hair. Wearing a silk bonnet reduces friction and stress minimising the amount of frizz and split ends.

  1. Prevents hair tangling

Have you ever woken with your hair looking like a hot tangled mess? With kinks and tangles that make you wonder who you were up against at night? A bonnet saves you from this headache. No new tangles or kinks making your life so much easier in the morning. If you have curly or kinky hair texture, don’t brush your hair but gently tuck it in your bonnet.

  1. Keep hair hydrated

Those high-thread cotton or linen sheets we fancy absorb moisture from our hair making it dry. A silk bonnet is great for hair masks, deep conditioning, or any hot oil treatments. It ensures your product remains in every strand of your hair. And it keeps those sheets clean as well.

A silk hair bonnet can protect curls against frizz caused by cotton bed linen

  1. Protects your face from breakouts

Hair can pick various kinds of pathogens all through the day. We recommend not to wash hair on a daily basis to preserve the natural and protective oils in it. Sleeping with satin bonnets ensures these pathogens don’t get on your sheets and pillow resulting in a breakout. It also keeps all hair products and treatments that might irritate your face causing breakouts in your hair.

  1. Protects hairstyles

A hectic schedule can mean less time to style your hair every morning. Silk hair bonnets, keep curls and braided styles fresh. Not only does this allow you to catch up on those all-important extra hours of sleep, it also means you get to wake up with a hairstyle that’s on fleek and ready-to-go

Additionally, wearing a silk bonnet means that you can comfortably apply products – like coconut oil onto your tresses before bedtime and be assured that they won’t ruin your sheets.

  1. Protects bed linen

Most silk bonnets won’t break the bank and let’s face it, something that improves the health of your hair is a long-term investment. The cut in costs to the hair salon or trying thousands of products to repair hair damage far outweighs the price of a silk bonnet.


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